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1.5M+ Nonprofit
No platform fee
Fast-growing company in the $400B+ US Market

Online platform for charity

A new way to engage with donors and nonprofit organisations from across the globe.


We help to subscribe to a charity for favorite nonprofit organizations, churches, and funds. With us, donors can support any company anywhere.


All donor’s one-time and monthly donations will now be in one place.


Easily add new funds, manage subscriptions, change the number of donations.

Key Information

Investment Demand: max $350K, at least $50K a check for one investor
Post-money valuation: $1.75M
Stage Passed: Pre-seed, $30K Friend or Own Money
Product Type: Online platform, Aggregator
Product Stage: MVP, First Users, Pre-Sales
Target Market: Global
Business Sector: Charity, Fintech, AI
Business Model: Subscription, Voluntary Tips
Business System: B2B2C
The startup has already raised $30K for the MSP-version development and is now preparing for the test case and seeking the next round of $350K for launch in its first markets.


For Millennial Donors (1981+)
1.5M+ nonprofit organizations in the U.S.
--> How to choose the right and most important charity for a donor?
$481 an annual average spending and 3.3 organizations
--> How to control expenses and do not forget to help on time?
84% of Millennials give to charity
--> 93% Don’t know How Many Subscriptions? How Much Spending?
For Nonprofits Organizations
$410B of these, over 60% of donations are offline
--> The charitable giving landscape is changing. How to attract Millennials to donation?
10% Annual Growth Social media is a critical success factor
--> 66% of charities are worried they will miss out on opportunities for digital fundraising.


Over 50% of Millennials said they would be interested in donating monthly to an organization.
People are now accustomed to researching before they make decisions.
Donors want to know where their money is going. They want figures, data, and stats.
Peer-to-peer fundraising efforts are an awesome way to get millennials interested in donating to nonprofit.




Monthly Donation Options
Peer-To-Peer Fundraising
Always Up-To-Date Website

Market Opportunity

$410B US Charity Market
120M+ US donors
50M+ Online Donors
$20B or 5% of US Market -  projected by 2025
1.5M+ Nonprofit organizations

Business Model

Subscription Revenue Model
The platform is powered by the kindness of our donors.
Donors leave voluntary commissions (TIPs).


$2B potential revenue or 0.5% of US Market - projected by 2022
17% each transaction (average industry’s tip)
$340M profit projected by 2022

Traction vs. Road Map


05/2018 Company founded
06/2018 Intellectual property
08/2018 MVP completed alfa test
09/2018 $30k friends and family round
10/2018 Strengthened tech team
12/2018 500k+ nonprofits DATA



01/2019 1M+ non-profits DATA
02/2019 Beta product launch
03/2019 250+ first registered users
04/2019 $10k+ pre-sale (added to wishlist)
05/2019 $350k professional Seed money round
07/2019 Full product launch to the public
07/2019 First Full paying Clients LTV $400+ CAC $75




05/2020 $1.9M+ARR; 4K+ donors; 2M+ nonprofits; +61% MoM Growth

Funding Distribution

$150K, 43% - Salaries
$80K, 23% - Marketing
$70K, 20% - Operations Costs 
$50K, 14% - Development 
We are looking for 12 months financing to reach 4K donors.

Experienced team

14 years of experience
Built 5 successful companies
3 exits and $500K+ investments
11 years of experience
1st place in the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013
Top100 Russian programmers
97% - Web&Software Development
85% - Sales/Marketing/Design
65% - Crowdfunding/Charity
36% - AI/Blockchain
21% - Legal/Finance

Key parameters

Key parameters

  • Placement date 16 May 2019
  • Location Florida, USA
  • Sector Charity, Fintech, AI
  • Target Development
  • Type of Investment Capital
  • Term 12 months
  • Shares for sale 20.0%
  • Stage MVP, Pre-sales
  • Active investors 0
  • Total fund needed 350 000 $
  • Min. fund needed 50 000 $

Shares Request

Shares Request

Investment Amount (thousand $)
350 50 350 - +
Shares for

350 000 $ fundSeed

0.0% invested

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