Platform generating thousands video in YouTube

The company is building a B2B platform, which helps companies automatically find YouTube influencers with no upfront fee (affiliate fee only) and get thousands reviews of products per day.


This product will include a rating system for YouTube influencers, delivery of thousands of sample products per day, AI voice recognition, and sales tracking.

Key information

Investment Demand: max $250K
Post-money valuation: $2.5M
Funding Stage: Seed
Product Type: SaaS
Product Stage: Revenue
Target Market: USA
Business Sector: Marketing, Influencer Marketing
Business Model: Subscription
Business System: B2B
Development of automated system - platform, and sales. Increasing number of clients to 20.


- Co-founders with a track record of the successful businesses;
- Vast underserved market; 
- Validated model because of interest from partners and paying clients
- Clear and quick monetisation
- Investors: Y-Combinator alumni and others.


If you want to get review of your product you have to reach out power influencers who ask for upfront payments.


You can use only Platforms and Agencies who has registered commercial influencers on site.


Or you can try to find influencers by yourself and this is a lot of manual work because you have to find them, communicate, track etc. And it requires to use several services.


A platform, where you will be able to find or add any influencer, manage collaboration and track the results including tracking sample delivery, sales and communication. 

We also will have influencers in our network because we provide them with a tool for sharing their YouTube analytics with clients.

Market Opportunity

Video advertising is quickly becoming THE way to reach potential customers.


According to Forbes, digital video marketing is a $135B industry in the U.S. alone (including $83B spent on digital ads), with each American business spending $20K on video marketing on average.


For advertising, with 50M vloggers who post product videos, YouTube remains the most important video platform.


We work with vloggers who post about our clients’ products to help advertise and drive sales.

Business Model

Subscription + success fee up to 95%.


Competitive advantage:


We are not locked into a specific group of vloggers, all 50M+ YouTube professional vloggers are our playground - we can find the right influencers for any consumer-facing business. And we’re going to do this using Machine Learning powered solution.


$2B potential revenue or 0.5% of US Market - projected by 2022.
17% each transaction.
$340M profit projected by 2022
LTV $400+
CAC $75
LTV / CAC > 5.3+

Traction vs. Road Map

05/2017 Company founded
06/2018 First Clients
01/2019 11 Clients
2020 20 Clients and MVP of Platform

Experienced team

13 years in sales+operations
Spycob - fashion deals tracker/chatbot (San Francisco)
16 years, Engineer, Sales,
nTray - Car electronics (hardware/software, China)
Inlan ltd - ATM hardware/software (China)
Y Combinator W18 (co-founder and CTO Mirror.AI, W18)


Others 10+

Key parameters

Key parameters

  • Placement date 19 May 2019
  • Location San Francisco, USA
  • Sector AdTech & MarTech
  • Target Development
  • Type of Investment Capital
  • Term 12 months
  • Shares for sale 10.0%
  • Stage Revenue
  • Active investors 0
  • Total fund needed 250 000 $
  • Min. fund needed 200 000 $

Shares Request

Shares Request

Investment Amount (thousand $)
250 100 250 - +
Shares for

250 000 $ fundSeed

0.0% invested

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