To Investors


Our team understands how is difficult and how much time spent for investors to find right startup to fund. We have created a platform to help investors and startups to meet each other online. We have built strong bridges between startups, private investors, business angels, accelerators and venture funds not only in Russia, but also we are actively developing cooperation in the CIS, Baltic countries, Israel and Singapore, Europe and USA.

What can our team do for you?

Our company with partner will be glad to meet and cooperate with investors, accelerators and venture funds in 2 main areas:

1.    We can organize the deep search and technical validation of startups for you on an interested market (which is new for you). This may be done on our platform and with the help of our selection tools.

2.    On our platform, on the other hand, we search for, select, validate, and push forward the cooperation of local and global startups with big companies, including corporations in Russia. 

3.    Final deals can be organized through: (a) the software-development contract with a start-up team, (b) the purchase of a product by a corporation, (c) equity financing, etc.

To start our cooperation, we will study the startup long list basic parameters of the partner (accelerator, fund etc.):

-     total number of startups
-     % ratio by growth stages (idea, MVP, MVP + success – tests & metrics, MVP + clients, revenue started <$100k, revenue $100k+, growing stage)
-     % ratio of invested / un-invested
-     % ratio of invested: pre-seed, seed / angel, round A, round B etc.

Our platform interacts with top corporations and we manage their following business interests in a new technological solution:


Supply Chain:

-     Big Data collection automatization
-     AI analytics for supply chain
-     Robotics for logistics processes
-     Computer Vision for logistics processes
-     Logistics routes transport Uberisation
-     Supply Chain payment systems, using smart contracts & blockchain
-     Logistic Clients management system
-     Analytical personification offering
-     Logistics AddServices market-places & Uberisation

Digital Plant:

-     IoT
-     Digital Twin & AI of the Industrial Plant
-     Digital Plants control & monitoring
-     Analytical Systems for Industrial Production
-     Data Analysis Systems for Commodities Treatment
-     Production Predictive Data Analysis
-     Production Processes Management & Recommendation Systems
-     AI & Neural Network Prediction Analytics
-     Equipment Reliability management & predictive system


-     Ecommerce systems
-     Digital Marketing & Analytical Predictive systems



-     Products of a financial services operator
-     Communication services for B2C
-     Services and offers for B2B
-     Using data from social networks


-     Process Automation Projects
-     New services for B2C
-     Work with accumulated data files
-     New ways of databases organization

Additional Services (Health, Industrial):

-     IoT cloud platforms
-     Systems of class "Smart City", "Smart Home"
-     Segment analysis of the audience, analytics
-     Application of sensors

City, Home & Transport:

-     Systems of class "Smart City", "Smart Home"
-     Work with accumulated data files
-     Media formats and infographics
-     Products and formats for B2G (housing and house services, City)


Supply chain:

-     Supply Chain management
-     Warehouse & logistics management
-     Video-surveillance analytics software for warehouses
-     Logistics management software with predictive analysis
-     Solutions for warehouse automation

Digital Shops: 

-     Solutions to increase sales in shops & malls
-     Customer profiling and store shelfs re-organization
-     Loyalty programs
-     Online sales
-     Digital Marketing & Big Data 
-     VR & AR

To see full presentation Download here.

Special One-Page Pitch-Deck tool for startups follow-up

For all the investors our team has developed the Template of One-Page Pitch-Deck. Any startup which you have in your portfolio may be monitored using proposed tool. It allows fast and easy to make picture on a startup at any stage of development: 

- Limited Edition for review and try filling some information

- Full Edition with actual upgrades will be sent to user after Payment ₽500 ($7.5) for work and editing.

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