About us

We invest in early-stage startups in syndicates. We have no mandate and no bureaucracy. We are flexible.

Our team understands how support and smart advices are important for startups. 

We have built strong bridges between private investors, business angels, accelerators and venture funds Worldwide.

Priority industries

Fintech, InsurTech, SaaS, Cybersecurity, Longevity, Aerospace, E-commerce

Why Fintech?

The financial sphere is the circulatory system for businesses and people's relationships. So, it is the leader in digital solutions, having a sufficient number of unicorns and one of the highest ratings among other industries.

Why Aerospace?

Some technologies that could transform the A&D industry include: Advanced aerial mobility (AAM); Hypersonics; Electric propulsion; Hydrogen-powered aircraft.

Industry expected to focus on restructuring, cost reduction, and supply chain transformation in 2021 and subsequent years.

The industry is also expected to take advantage of the pandemic and drop in demand to transform supply chains. Also, A&D companies could pursue M&A opportunities to build scale and capture greater value. Long-term growth prospects for the A&D industry remain strong. The space sector and technological developments, such as advanced air mobility, hypersonics, electric propulsion, and hydrogen-powered aircraft, are likely to drive future growth for the industry.

Why Cybersecurity?

The financial industry and the most critical infrastructure facilities in transport, energy, medicine, military, and others are under increasing pressure from cybercriminals. They are always vulnerable to the emergence of new technologies and opportunities for the development of IT systems.

The industry is hot. However, there are still opportunities here. Moreover, some of these niches may open up as the industry evolves, depending on new business needs and emerging trends (for example, providing access to remote workers without compromising security, etc.).

Why Longevity?

While we believe it’s clear the investment opportunity in Longevity is vast, it’s undoubtedly a sector still defining itself. The market for rejuvenation therapies is estimated to be less than several billion dollars, but some slate the broader Longevity economy to be a multi-trillion dollar sector. And, while this lack of clear definition can sometimes create challenges for companies seeking investment, it also presents venture capital firms and investors with a significant early-mover investment advantage and opportunities.

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