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SmartupVenture is a private service that helps startups and growing companies to find investments (fundraising), business development & consulting, and investors to find perspective startups of investing (scouting).

For startups we can be a finder, adviser and investor. We help with drawing up and forming an investment presentation and launching startups to foreign markets (relocation).

We have extensive partnerships with crowd platforms, accelerators, venture funds and private investors (more than 200 key contacts).

Startup selection criteria:

  • experience and qualifications of the project founders;
  • the potential to enter international markets or the availability of an accessible market in the Russian Federation at least 300 million rubles;
  • product availability with proven hypotheses;
  • availability of a scalable business model;
  • availability of first sales and calculated unit economy.

Our team may help to find investments into capital (private equity), buyer (M&A), as well as a major customer for a contract and non-bank loan financing.

For investors we will help to find startups based on individual focus lists, to invest, and also to assist in supporting the transaction.


  • business angels
  • private investors
  • venture funds

Registered investors receive the most complete information about the startups placed on the website for free, have the opportunity through the website to ask questions to representatives of companies and receive consulting support from the Smartup Venture team. We independently and before placing startups on the website assess the risks of startups.

Only the best startups can be placed on the website in terms of promising.

We plan and conduct presentational meetings of investors with the founders and startups' teams to explore and clarify the details and statuses of startups.

Best regards, your Smartup ;)

Please send any questions to: pr@smartupventure.com

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