COCOS Fashion Network opens international market access
B2B product that provides safe & easy business conditions
Easy WEB tools for fashion brand growth

COCOS Fashion Network

COCOS is a B2B business platform for retail & wholesale segments of the fashion market.


It provides small and medium businesses with the opportunities they need to become financially independent and really competitive in the worldwide e-commerce.


COCOS is an intermediary platform with all conditions for online business cooperation between suppliers and traders worldwide.


It’s a kind of navigation system in the world of fashion that gives tools to search, connect, safely make B2B sales, and promote your brand with business microblogging.

Key Information

Investment Demand: $2M

Stage Passed: Seed $100K & Due Diligence

Product Type: SaaS

Product Stage: MSP-version

Target Market: Global

Business Sector: Fashion Tech

Business Model: Fee & Subscription

Busines System: B2B


The startup has already raised $100K for the MSP-version development and is now preparing for the test case and seeking the next round of $2M for launch in its first markets.

Target Audience

Suppliers: fashion designers and manufacturers of clothes and textile 

Traders: owners of boutiques, showrooms, and online marketplaces 

Re-sellers: drop-shippers, retailers 

Fashion service providers: cutters, sewers, tailors 

Team's Archivements

Thanks to our business partners, currently the company has a database of around 15000 users willing to join the platform:


3 500+ fashion designers & stylists,

5 000 textile & fashion manufacturers, traders, and service providers, and

7 000+ dropshippers.

Product Advantages

With COCOS fashion insiders can:


- Quickly and easily find each other,
- Communicate and exchange files,
- Legally cooperate by making e-contracts,
- Sell and buy using a smart payment solution for both parties of a deal.

Market Overview

Fashion is the second largest segment of the e-commerce market, with forecasted revenues of $481B for 2018 and annual growth speeding up to 15.3%.


According to Shopify, clothing items and accessories amount to 41% of the top products bought online. 


However, it’s often hard for SMB brands to invest big budgets in business development. 


COCOS offers them an all-in-one solution and optimizes every step of their deals by giving everything on one platform.


Two co-founders and an international team of professionals in e-commerce, fashion, IT, creative, and marketing represent the Team of the Startup.


The team believes that building up trust and networking between fashion insiders will help every single business grow and make the industry more open and united.

Key parameters

Key parameters

  • Placement date 16 May 2019
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Sector SaaS
  • Target Development
  • Type of Investment Capital
  • Term 24 months
  • Shares for sale 25.0%
  • Stage MVP
  • Active investors 0
  • Total fund needed 3 500 000 $
  • Min. fund needed 2 500 000 $

Shares Request

Shares Request

Investment Amount (thousand $)
3500 100 3 500 - +
Shares for

3 500 000 $ fundRound A

0.0% invested

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