International Collaboration 19 October 201810:34

Dear friends and partners!

Taking into account the needs of the market, as well as our capabilities and competencies, we began to develop the direction of venture investment in parallel with crowdlending and crowdinvesting.

To achieve our goals, we have already established contacts with the COCOS Group (Israel), officially representing the interests of private investors and venture funds Israel, and we are actively developing relationships with players in the Russian venture capital market.

In the short term, we aim to enter the market and have close ties with venture funds and investors in all CIS countries and the Baltic countries.

We are pleased to announce that together with a partner we are going to create an extensive network and channels of interaction between funds, private investors for the implementation and development of innovative projects at various stages.

A website in English will soon be open to host interesting and truly promising global startups with access for any private investor or venture fund anywhere in the world.

We are confident that the implementation of bold and ambitious ideas of talented people who surround us will change the venture market!


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